Ben Lustenhouwer. Born in Soest, The Netherlands in 1951.

Ben studied drawing and anatomy at an early age with the renowned Beatus Nijs in Hilversum. Later he visited the academy of art in Utrecht and started there in 1972 his career as an independent artist.
In 1990, he removes with his wife, the sulptress Helma Vanrens, and daughter Karen to Spain and settles down in Paterna and later in Chelva. Until then, partial Ben worked as a commercial illustrator receiving commissions from his native country and Spain as well as from other foreign countries.

From the beginning of the nineties he is able to dedicate more time towards the fine arts, and among other things Ben made a piece of mosaic for the Valencian underground station of Benimaclet. More and more he is gaining fame as a portrait painter, resulting in numerous commissions from countries like The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Belgium, France, Switzerland, England, Finland, Russia, Mexico, USA, and China. 
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